Discover 5 Reasons To Avoid Using Plastic Tiffin Box

Discover 5 Reasons To Avoid Using Plastic Tiffin Box

Posted on 30 जन॰ 2023

Do you pack your child's school lunch in a plastic tiffin box? Do you also store your leftover food in plastic containers? If your answer is a guilty yes, then this one's for you. When we think of a tiffin box, most of us see the same image in our mind, our bright shiny plastic box with our favourite lunch in it. That is just what we used all our childhood and are probably still doing the same because it has become such an acceptable norm. Even if we know how bad plastic is for health, we often question how bad can it be, or make an excuse for just the one time, which easily becomes a habit out of sheer convenience. But the fact remains that those plastic tiffin boxes are extremely harmful to us, and it is high time we stop using them. Plastic has invaded the lives of many, just like a dozen other trappings of the modern lifestyle. From plastic bags to water bottles, cutlery and lunchboxes, it has unknowingly made a place in most houses simply because it is inexpensive and easily available. Bordering on being supremely unsafe, plastics have disrupted the well-being of both the environment and humans.

There are several threats that prolonged use of plastic could result in and some of the top reasons to ditch plastic boxes right away are:

There is no such thing as ‘safe plastic’

Plastics leach chemicals into food, beverages and everything they come in contact with. The chemicals leached are toxic and have diverse effects on humans, and the planet too. There is no such thing as safe plastic. Recent studies and researches state that several types of plastics are carcinogenic and traces of endocrine-disrupting chemicals are found in them. Although not radioactive, plastics are still hazardous and best avoided, especially around children.

They can make you prone to obesity

Almost all the food we eat has some amount of plastic in it, and many studies state that it can lead to major health problems like obesity. This has a lot of side effects and invites even more health problems which start a slowly intensifying chain reaction until your health starts to spiral down completely.

They leave stains and odours

Cleaning plastic containers, lunch boxes and water bottles could be a hassle as plastic tends to retain odours and also stain easily. How many times have you opened your plastic lunch box at lunchtime and found something fresh and hot and tasty to eat? Never! Because that is what your plastic lunch box does to your food. It releases chemical compounds into it, which take the deliciousness out of it as well as its freshness.

Plastics can create fertility and reproductive problems

Pregnancy is already a trying event in the lives of many couples. There are so many factors that contribute to the proper development of your infant, many that you can’t even control. The toxins build up in plastic lunch boxes can rub off on your food and devastate your body’s immune system and hormone regulation. These can have direct consequences on your baby’s development in the womb.

Not eco-friendly

Haven’t we always known that plastic is non-biodegradable and very bad for the environment? We all hear about saying no to plastic and recycling but how often do we get around to implementing it? It can be done with a very small and simple step by getting rid of our plastic lunch boxes and switching to healthier options that are so readily available.

The better option

Plastic may not serve any good purpose but it was all there was if you wanted fun school tiffin boxes. But now there are new options available with glass lunch boxes and stainless steel lunch boxes

glass tiffin box keeps your food safe and free from chemicals. It does not react with your food or let any outside component react with it. As a result, your food is fresh and hot until lunchtime when you use an airtight glass lunch box. There are also microwavable glass containers available where you can reheat your leftovers in the microwave without much hassle. You can bake your favourite food in the oven and even store your food in the freezer. By using glass lunch boxes instead of the usual ones, you will make a considerable improvement in your lifestyle and health. With a glass lunch box with a bag, you can take your lunch with you even while travelling and be sure that it will stay just as fresh, even after long hours. 

On the other hand, stainless steel in general has high corrosion resistance. A practical lunch box for everyday use should be robust, securely closed and easy to clean. These and other great advantages are common for stainless steel lunch boxes. Even if your lunch box falls on the hard ground, it won’t be severely damaged. You may discover a few scratches or slight dents over time, but these do not affect the functionality of the box and they are spill-proof.

Furthermore, lunch boxes made of stainless steel do not rust and can withstand both very high and very low temperatures and most of them are double-wall insulated. Stainless steel is a very hygienic material. The main reason for this is that bacteria cannot find a breeding ground on the surface of stainless steel. It also doesn't give off any inherent smell or taste of metal to the food. This means that your stainless steel lunch box remains odourless regardless of the meal you transport in it and your foods retain their full taste and aroma. In addition, containers made of stainless steel are much easier to recycle than those made of plastic. They also do not emit any pollutants into the environment at their disposal.

So do your bit and make the healthier choice today!

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