Four products you need for the perfect summer

Four products you need for the perfect summer

Posted on Apr 2, 2023

Summers are here and so are the regular visits to the refrigerator to drink chilled water, the only one that can quench the thirst. The arrival of the scorching sun brings with it fresh juices with a splash of crushed ice, but what about when you have to step outside? Reusable bottles and on-the-go flasks are just what you need this season to beat the heat! They are as classy as they are functional and the definition of modern necessity in a hydra-obsessed world.


There’s a plethora of options available in the market and if you choose the wrong bottle, it can be quite disastrous. With loose lids and leaks in the bags or in the car and the chilled beverage turning hot faster than the speed of sound, to buy the perfect summer bottles for water and beverages, we will help you find one that is sure to match your taste. Trust us, there’s something for everyone!


Hydra Bottles

The Hydra collection of stainless steel bottles boast elegant designs and is a best-selling range in the market. Replacing plastic bottles in an eco-conscious world has never been more convenient with these bottles that retain the temperature of the drinks for long hours, anytime, anywhere. They are insulated bottles that allow maximum retention and are made with 100% food-grade steel that is rust-proof. These leak-proof stainless steel bottles have a condensation-free exterior to keep the bag and surface dry, and the cool-to-touch body protects from hot liquid. Not only do they fit in any standard-size cup holder, but their sleek and thoughtful design also makes it convenient to carry them in the side pockets of bags. Their wide mouth allows drip-free sipping and you can throw in some ice cubes too! Waiting for the cherry on the cake? Yes, they all come with a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects.


Borosilicate Glass Bottles

Made with 100% borosilicate glass, these water bottles keep the drinks 100% pure and safe. They have sleek cylindrical shares that make sure you can store them easily in the fridge, not just to chill water, but also juices and other beverages. Their clear and scratch-resistant glass keeps their look as good as new, unlike its other competitors like lime glass. They are perfectly airtight and leak proof and the non-porous glass will not absorb any stains or odours. You can easily clean them using the dishwasher and the extra brownie points are because it is also freezer-friendly!


Nutrifresh PB31

The blender by Borosil is just the change you need to add a touch of health to your life. It has a 22,000 RPM pulser and comes with 2 jars, one of which can be doubled up for a smoothie cup on-to-go. This one is sure a handy tool to have in the kitchen where the powerful stainless steel blades blend, grind and create consistent purees every time. The way fruits and vegetables are thoroughly broken down in the blender, the micronutrients are easily absorbed in the body when you consume the drinks. The in-built jar sensing switch makes it extremely safe to use even hands-free and the blades are detachable for easy cleaning. It comes with a 2-year warranty on the product and motor against manufacturing defects. 


Coffeemate Insulated Mug

Say hello to style blending with versatility with the Coffeemate mug that has an insulated double wall vacuum with copper coating for maximum temperature retention. The Coffeemate Travel Mug by Borosil is a popular choice for gifting as they have almost become a necessity for a lot of people who like their morning drinks on the go. They retain the heat for up to 8 hours and the cold for up to 14 hours, keeping your drink at just the temperature you like for a truly satisfying experience. Designed to fit in the cup holder of most cars, these mugs also have a leak-proof lid with a tight seal to keep the beverages secure and operate with a simple touch. They are made of 100% food-grade and rust-proof steel both inside and outside for safety, strength and durability. An added advantage is that they come with a 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects.


#BorosilTip: Use the inbuilt infuser to directly brew your tea in the Coffeemate.


So, what are you waiting for? Stock up for the summer with the perfect products to get you through the heat waves.

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