Earth Day essentials: Must-have glass and stainless steel products for an eco-friendly lifestyle

Earth Day essentials: Must-have glass and stainless steel products for an eco-friendly lifestyle

Posted on Apr 22, 2023

The earth is our nurturer. The rarest of treasures and the absolute essentials are all gifts of mother nature and there are no two ways how everything on earth is connected in a chain of reactions. Sustainability is what we all need and there is a plethora of reasons why we need to do our bit by adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle.

We say, why not try and adopt a cleaner lifestyle and save the environment at the same time? Read along to find out some of the essentials in your kitchen that can be replaced with eco-friendly alternatives just as conveniently!


Glass Bottles


Did you know that all glass is not alike? We bring to you the best of the best with 100% Borosilicate Glass Bottles that keep the liquids 100% pure and healthy. With sleek cylindrical shapes, they conveniently fit in the side of the fridge and side pockets of bags and can be used for storing water, juices and other cool beverages through the summer. Their highly durable scratch-resistant glass makes them freezer safe as well. Their consistent clarity ensures that your bottle looks brand new always.


Borosilicate Storage & Serveware


What if we told you that you can now cook, serve, store and heat all using the same dish? The epitome of convenience! Yes, the range of Storage and Serveware made of 100% Borosilicate Glass allows you to bake in the dishes which can be directly used for serving, being perfect complements to your elegant crockery and cutlery on the table. You can then store food in the freezer or fridge and microwave it for heating. Cherry on the cake? Yes, they are dishwasher-safe as well! Their hardened glass makes them scratch resistant and does not allow any chemicals to leach into the food. The Storage containers have 100% leakproof lids that help in retaining the temperature for a longer duration. It is safe to say that these glass storage containers and serveware are truly a combination of versatility and minimalism at their best. 


Glass Lunch Boxes

glass tiffin box keeps your food safe and free from chemicals. It does not react with your food or let any outside component react with it. As a result, your food is fresh and hot until lunchtime when you use an airtight glass lunch box. There are also microwavable glass containers available where you can reheat your leftovers in the microwave without much hassle. You can bake your favourite food in the oven and even store your food in the freezer. By using glass lunch boxes instead of the usual ones, you will make a considerable improvement in your lifestyle and health. With a glass lunch box with a bag, you can take your lunch with you even while travelling and be sure that it will stay just as fresh, even after long hours. 


Stainless Steel Storage Boxes & Serveware


Designed with Indian food and its preparation in mind, the Stainless Steel ServeFresh Range of serveware and storage utensils are double-walled PUF insulated to retain the nutritive value of the food. They help in retaining the temperatures so that you can serve and eat the food at your convenience and yet be sure that the taste remains fresh.


SS Bottles 


Replacing plastic bottles in an eco-conscious world has never been more convenient with these bottles that retain the temperature of the drinks for long hours, anytime, anywhere. The Hydra Collection of Stainless Steel Bottles offers insulated bottles that allow maximum retention and are made with 100% food-grade steel that is rust-proof. These leak-proof stainless steel bottles have a condensation-free exterior to keep the bag and surface dry, and the cool-to-touch body protects from hot liquid. Not only do they fit in any standard-size cup holder, but their sleek and thoughtful design also makes it convenient to carry them in the side pockets of bags. Their wide mouth allows drip-free sipping and you can throw in some ice cubes too! Of course, they all come with a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects.


SS Tiffins

A practical lunch box for everyday use should be robust, securely closed and easy to clean. These and other great advantages are common for stainless steel lunch boxes. Even if your lunch box falls on the hard ground, it won’t be severely damaged. You may discover a few scratches or slight dents over time, but these do not affect the functionality of the box and they are spill-proof. Furthermore, lunch boxes made of stainless steel do not rust and can withstand both very high and very low temperatures and most of them are double-wall insulated. Stainless steel is a very hygienic material. The main reason for this is that bacteria cannot find a breeding ground on the surface of stainless steel. It also doesn't give off any inherent smell or taste of metal to the food. This means that your stainless steel lunch box remains odourless regardless of the meal you transport in it and your foods retain their full taste and aroma. In addition, containers made of stainless steel are much easier to recycle than those made of plastic. They also do not emit any pollutants into the environment at their disposal.


The switch to go green has never been easier and this Earth Day we say, let’s give a little bit back to one we owe everything - Our Planet Earth. 


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